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The product “Henna-the beautiful art of making money” is a course outlined to give great insight and depth of the way you can make money through Henna as well as giving you a chance to practice what you are passionate about.

What does the product include and why should you trust this product?

This online Henna course is a practical guide created by the author who is an expert in the field and very active in the industry. This product offers a step-by-step method of making money with Henna. The step-by-step method offered by this product is all tried and 100% tested and guaranteed in the marketplace and found to be efficient. This product concentrates its area of teaching on the following with a view on making you a success, these areas include the following:

1. The preparation and Application of Henna:

The product centers its idea on the preparation and the application of Henna to suites the taste of the demanding public. The product takes you through the learning processes to learn a skill to potentially increase your income.

2. The method of attracting paying customers:

Getting the attention of paying customers is one of the main ideas this product centers the discussion on. Great potential sales 75% commission payable is assured when using this product.

3. How to make a perfect Henna mixture :

This product will guide you through the way of making a perfect Henna mixture, here the recipe and guidelines for making a perfect Henna mixture are given below;


100 grams of quality henna powder
Lemon Juice (1 1/4 -1 1/2 cups or so)
Sugar (none or up to 2 Tablespoons – more in dry climates)
Equal Parts Lavender & Tea Tree Oils.
If getting really dark color is important or you are doing henna on others for money, use 1 oz of oil per 100 grams of henna. For a hobbyist, less oil is fine.

The step-by-step guidelines:

1. Put henna and sugar into a bowl and mix lemon juice and essential oils into the powder/sugar until you reach a thick mashed potato consistency. I use a glass mixing bowl as it cleans up easily and doesn’t stain or retain scent.
2. Cover with plastic wrap, pressing the wrap down on top of the henna until it touches.
3. Set aside to await dye release. Dye release time varies according to the type of henna you use and the temperature. The warmer it is, the quicker your dye is released. Colder temperatures require a longer time. For Ora Rajasthani, Jamila Henna, and General Henna the mixture should be left for a period of 6-16hours,24-36hours, and 4-24hours respectively.
4. Check for dye release every 4-6 hours. Place a dot of henna on the heel of your hand and wait 5 minutes then wipe it away. If you have a nice orange stain, you have achieved dye release.
5. Once dye release has been verified, add more lemon juice to reach the consistency that you personally like. You are looking for something along the lines of stirred yogurt, between thick cake batter and brownie batter, or thicker than honey. Ideally, the henna should ribbon off your spoon forming peaks that very slowly melt or slump.
6. Once your consistency is perfect, strain the henna (optional). Put your henna in individual cones and freeze until you are ready to use.

4. How to correctly make Henna cones:

The product explains the process involved to make Henna cones and the materials needed as well;

Things Needed

  • Scissors
  • Mylar
  • Tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber gloves

Processes involved

  1. Use scissors to cut mylar into rectangles about 6 inches by 7 inches.
  2. Place a mylar rectangle on a clean, flat surface with the side edges at the top and bottom. Grasp the upper right corner of the rectangle and bring it to meet the center of the bottom edge.
  3. Roll the mylar to the left to form a cone shape. The center of the top edge forms the point of the cone, which should have a small hole about the size of a pencil tip. Place the tape on the outer seam to secure the cone shape.
  4. Place tape around the tip of the cone to prevent the hole from expanding when you fill the cone with henna.
  5. Fill the cone about one-third full of henna paste. Twist the remainder of the mylar to form the back end of the cone.
  6. Wrap a rubber band around the mylar at the back end of the cone, just above the henna. As you apply henna, you can roll the rubber band down toward the tip to compress the henna inside the cone.

5. Which customers and market to target:

Every business’s sole aim is to make money, therefore this product provides an idea of the type of market and customers to target such as wedding ceremonies, festivals, and the like.

Who is the product intended for and in what way is the product of use:

The product is a unique Henna online training course to meet the demand of the hungry large audience of hobbyists and people looking to make money. The product provides a large range of use like:

  1. The product helps you to make an extra income while expressing your hobby.
  2. The product helps to solve the problem of “how”, “what”, and the “process” involved in making Henna as it takes you through the process involved.
  3. The product provides easy learning online courses in your comfort

Description: Learn Henna Online. Unique Henna Training Video Course. Hot Niche With A Very Hungry Large Audience Of Hobbyists And People Looking To Make Money.

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Henna Reviews. The Beautiful Art Of Making Money, FreedomHomeIncome

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Henna Reviews. The Beautiful Art Of Making Money, FreedomHomeIncome
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