Sacred Sound Healing System Review

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Sometimes, life experiences tend to take a toll on your energy and can be emotionally draining. Sometimes, it may be that you are dealing with serious issues in your life or that you feel that your plans are derailed. These feelings can easily lead to stress. The worst thing about stress is that it tends to affect other areas of your body.

If you experience mood swings, decreased immunity, anxiety, depression, and even relationship turmoil – chances may be that you are stressed. The good news is that you can use the Sacred Sound Healing System to address your problems.

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The Sacred Sound Healing System Review

Sound healing has existed for centuries. The earliest practice of sound healing can be traced back to the ancient Tibetan people.  The main purpose of the sound healing system has always been to create a sense of self-balance and care. However, this sound healing evolved to cater to our modern lives whilst still borrowing into the foundation of its earlier cultural practices.

As evidence by the founder’s own experience, the Sacred Sound Healing System exposes you to a hidden realm past normal senses to find magic and healing. Furthermore, the sound healing system works towards both healing and calming your conscious self.

According to the founder of the system, an energy healer and vibrational researcher, Jace Little AKA White Crow, the many of us will go through our lives without really realizing our spiritual depth and the magical, invisible side of the world – Our unknown and untapped selves! However, by listening to the sounds of creation, you will be amazed at the newfound awareness and healing.

What Is The Sacred Sound Healing System Program?

We live in a vibrational universe, thus, sounds are important in our everyday lives. Our very being, surroundings, environment, and even actions are reflected through a vibrational existence. Thus, not fully tapping to our natural being can sometimes leave us feeling emotionally strained. However, correctly tapping into our innermost selves using the right sounds improves our overall existence.

The Sacred Sound Healing System uses the right sound healing frequencies to heal your body. The sound healing is delivered through live treatment meetings, voices, vocal overtone singing, and a wide variety of sound mending devices – tuning forks and dishes. The healing system uses the sound cycles to change the sound into a human discernible sound.

How Does The Sacred Sound Healing System Work?

When you play sound onto the water surface, you will visibly spot a ripple effect. Humans are 60% water, thus, the same principle can be applied to us. Consequently, when sound is played to us, it can heal and influence every part of our body – all the way to the cells.

The Sacred Sound Healing System integrates a Sound of Creation which features high vibration sounds. The sounds take our minds to a quiet bliss and beautiful part of the universe for healing.

When you go through the Sacred Sound healing System, you will clear away negativity, raise your vibration, and awaken your gift of Instant Divine Creation. Using the sound healing system, you don’t need meditation or visualization. All you need to do is to sit quietly and focus on the sounds.

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Contents Of The Healing System

The Sacred Sound Healing System is available in 4 key packages.  These include;

  • The Complete Sacred Sound Healing System with 4 healing ceremonies
  • The Miracle Sleep Solution package to help with a good night’s sleep
  • The 5 Minute meditation Series to raise your vibration, call in synchronicities and manifest with the moon
  • The Sacred Sound Spa app so you can enjoy the entire system in your bedroom, office, or even your car

The Complete Sacred Sound Healing System

For the Complete Sacred Sound Healing System, the four ceremonies include the Divine Clearing, Heart Awakening, Whole body Healing “Golden Qi”, and Shamanic Plant Ceremony. The Divine Clearing Ceremony contains frequencies to improve your energy flow in the body when you have lingering problems including money woes or even illness.

The Heart Awakening Ceremony improves your heart’s power to make it a useful tool for instant divine creation. The Whole Body Healing “Golden Qi” Ceremony stimulates the interior healing energy pathways in your body. The Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony on the other end allows you to get the most out of healing frequencies of the Ayahuasca and Magic mushroom without severe effects.

The Miracle Sleep Solution Package

The Sleep solution helps to recondition your mind and body to help you sleep better and faster. The sound solution runs for only 10 minutes.

The 5 Minute Meditation Series

The 5 minutes meditation series includes four 5 minute meditation sounds. The sounds help you to start new beginnings, harness the energy of the moon for manifestation draws in signs and magical events into your life at the right time, and help you to transition into positivity.

The Sacred Sound Spa App

The app is compatible with most smart electronic devices. With the Sacred Sound Spa, you have access to all your listening sounds thus, allowing you to access them anywhere you are.

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  • The Sacred Sound Healing System draws its principles from ancient and respected Tibetan healing techniques
  • The healing system uses reiki sessions and qi therapy
  • With the app, you can listen to the healing sounds anywhere you are
  • The audio recording only takes 9 minutes
  • You can get the all-inclusive package with a bonus for only $47


  • The exact results differ depending on the reasons you choose to use it for

Bonus Program

You can make full use of the Sacred sound Healing System by getting extra sound mending devices. These include the Reiki Infused Sacred Sound Healing Fork and a Reiki Infused Mini Tibetan Singing Bowl.

The Healing Fork delivers a pure love tone of up to 528Hz to formulate resonance in your physical, mental, and emotional body. This energy allows you to attune the wisdom of the universe and the divine soul.  You can use it before you go to sleep by creating your own healing ceremonies.

With the Healing Bowl, you can reduce stress, tension, and anxiety whilst stimulating your immune system. As you strike the bowl and gently run the mallet around it, a pure tone rises.  The vibration is what produces the healing powers. Additionally, the bowl promotes chakra energy balancing.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Reviews – Final Verdict

The Sacred Sound Healing System is not only meant to heal your temporarily emotional and mental disarrays. You can do more with this system by tapping into your brainwaves through different sound frequencies to promote better health. 

Furthermore, using the Sacred Sound Healing System, you can easily balance your brain waves from a beta state of normal consciousness to a theta state of relaxed consciousness and delta state of internal healing. Doing so, in the long run, ensures you enjoy better health and allows you to focus more successfully on other aspects of your life.

Now, let’s break down the cost of investing in the Sacred Sound Healing System. The value for each package is as follows;

•        The complete Sacred Sound Healing System $97

•        The Miracle Sleep Solution package $97

•        The 5 Minute meditation Series $47

•        The Sacred Sound Spa app $97

The total cost of the all-inclusive package comes up to $388. However, the system is there to healing, thus to make the system accessible to everyone, the all-inclusive package can be attained at a whopping $47.

Whilst the system boasts incredible ratings, the founder’s focus is that everyone has the right to their own experience. With that said, you will enjoy the all-inclusive package with a 100% risk-free and 60-day money-back guarantee. So if the program doesn’t work out for you, you will receive a full refund.

The all-inclusive package is not all you can benefit from. For an extra $39.99 for each, you can get the Reiki Infused Sacred Sound Healing Fork and a Reiki Infused Mini Tibetan Singing Bowl. Visit Official Site

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